Air Conditioning

Darebin Gas are specialists in repair, service and installation of most major evaporative cooling brands.
If you feel as though your cooler isn't working as well as it should be then you have  come to the right place!
A visit from one of our professionally trained servicemen and your cooler could be as good as new!
On the chance that your cooling unit is irreparable then our friendly staff can advise you on the best choice for your households needs. Choose from our large range of quality units from the best brands.

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Evaporative Cooling

You feel cooler by the ocean or a river because as hot air blows across the water, it causes some of the water to evaporate and absorb the heat. The air is cooled by this evaporation process and so becomes a “sea” breeze.

Evaporative cooling works the same way. Hot air enters the cooling unit on your roof where it is filtered and cooled as it passes through specially designed moistened pads. A fan then blows this beautifully cooled air throughout your home.

Hot air in the house is forced out through open windows and doors providing your entire home with a complete change of air at least every two minutes!

Modern evaporative cooling units feature advanced water saving technology designed to eliminate water waste. Water is continuously monitored electronically, replacing it only when mineral deposits exceed acceptable levels.This system results in the minimum amount of water resource to provide maximum cooling effect.