A faulty heater can present a potential hazard, so to ensure it's working safely & efficiently call the heater repair specialists at Darebin Gas!

 On the chance that your heating unit is irreparable then our friendly staff can advise you on the best choice for your households needs. Choose from our large range of quality units from the best brands.

Maintenance should be performed at least every two years by a licensed plumber trained in the service of gas heaters such as Darebin Gas to ensure your heater is safe and operating at optimum performance.

Darebin Gas offers a Gas Heater Safety Check and Service for $233 which includes:
– Cleaning the gas pilot and burners
– Checking spark electrodes and flame sensors
– Checking gas pressure
– Cleaning the fan
 ... and most important of all, we test for carbon monoxide levels!

For a repair, routine clean & service or for a quote to replace your existing unit call 9463 1555 or alternatively send us an email at admin@darebingas.com.au

Ducted Heating

One of the most common methods of heating the whole home is through gas ducted heating. Having gas ducted heating throughout your house means that you will never have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one. With limitless options such as zoning in each room, add on refrigerated cooling and automatic programming, gas ducted heating is an affordable, efficient and effective option for your family home! Gas ducted heaters energy ratings now range from 3 star all the way through to 7 star.

Space Heaters & Wall Furnaces

With the build up of greenhouse gas emissions being a major concern for us all it's important that we all do our part to limit our impact, that's why natural gas is a responsible choice for your homes heating needs. By installing a Braemar Eco Superstar space heater or wall furnace you'll do more than save on running costs..you'll contribute towards a healthier planet! A natural gas space heater has the lowest carbon emissions of all other forms of space heating.