Hot Water

If your hot water service has stopped working then we are here to help!

We have found 80% of hot water units can be repaired in just one visit from our professionally trained servicemen.
On the chance that your hot water unit is irreparable then our friendly staff can advise you on the best choice for your particular needs. Choose from our large range of quality units from the best brands.
For a service on your current hot water unit or for a quote to replace your existing unit call 9463 1555 or alternatively send us an email at

 Instantaneous Hot Water

With an instantaneous hot water system the water is heated as you need it. Instantaneous hot water units will maintain this flow rate indefinitely meaning you will never run out of hot water no matter how many family members line up for a shower! Instantaneous Hot Water systems are a great space saver so are the perfect solution for those with smaller backyards.

Gas Storage Hot Water

If you love a strong shower pressure then a Gas Storage Hot Water might be for you! The positive of having a Gas Storage Hot Water is that you receive hot water at mains pressure. This means that you'll never have to worry about your shower going to a trickle when someone turn on another hot tap. Most of the current Gas Storage Hot Water Systems installed by Darebin Gas have a minimum 4 star energy rating.

Solar Hot Water

A great way to take full advantage of the sun and keep your environmental impact down is to use a solar setup. Whilst the initial install cost can be a bit pricey, solar hot water pays for itself in the long run as your gas consumption will drastically reduce. Darebin Gas can organize a solar setup to effectively meet the needs of a single household, full family home or a commercial property. All Solar Hot Water unit that are installed by Darebin Gas have a minimum 5 star energy rating.